Dress Code

Dress Code
Members/Visitors must realize that it is not possible to stipulate exactly the type of clothing that is appropriate, but all Members/Visitors shall understand the intent of these rules and cooperate accordingly.  
Course:      Neat wear is required at all times.
                   Shorts, of the tailored variety only, are permitted and may be worn with short socks.
         The following are not permitted:
  • Beach, gym or athletic wear
  • Denim clothing
  • Tracksuits or leisure suits
  • Collarless tee shirts
  • Sleeveless shirts may not be worn by men
  • Singlets
  • Non-golf footwear such as training shoes or runners
  • Trouser legs tucked into socks
  • Football/Rugby/Gaelic shirts or replica shirts
  • Caps may not be worn reversed
Footwear worn on the golf course is only acceptable in the locker rooms.
Clubhouse: Neat casual wear is the minimum requirement at all times. 
                     Denim jeans will be permitted as long as they are neatly presented.
The following are not permitted.
  •  Non-tailored shorts
  •  Tracksuits or leisure suits
  •  Collarless tee shirts
  •  Training shoes or runners
  •  Head gear or baseball caps, etc.
Mobile Phones / Electronic Apparatus
Mobile phones or similar electronic apparatus are permitted on the golf course but must be kept on “Silent Alert”.  Mobile phone calls may be taken in the hallway or patio area of the clubhouse. 
We request that all mobile phones are switched to “Silent Alert” to avoid disturbing other Members in the clubhouse.

The use of E Cigarettes and Vapours is prohibited in the dining room, bar, locker rooms and clubhouse.
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